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    How to create pins in Canva

    How to create pins using canva

    I talk a lot about Pinterest on this blog. And I do that because, for all new bloggers and online entrepreneurs, Pinterest can be extremely valuable. It can bring you your first visitors and first customers and help you grow your online business. The majority of visitors to this blog come from Pinterest. Unlike other […]

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    How to make money blogging in 2019

    how to make money blogging

    Wondering if you can make money blogging? Or is it just for the select few? In this post, I will go over some most common ways you can make money blogging and share my own experience. This blog was created in March, almost 9 months ago. Does it bring me any money? Yes, it does […]

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    Change your thoughts to change your life

    Find out how you can change your thoughts, to change your life. Reach new goals and change your mindset with these useful tips. #selfimprovementtips #productivitytips

    The way we think determines our life. Fear, doubt, and a negative attitude will continually hold you back. You need to change your thoughts to change your life. To be able to change, introduce new habits and make your life better, you need the correct mindset. You have to feel motivated, you have to believe in yourself […]

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    My Honest Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

    My honest making sense of affiliate marketing review

    I waited for 6 months to finally write a proper Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review and share my thoughts on it. And in this post, I want to answer all your burning questions: Is this course worth the money? Do I need a lot of traffic before I take this course? Did you have any great results […]

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    Goal planning for bloggers in 2019

    Goal Planning for Bloggers

    As a new blogger, you really need to constantly set your goals and challenge yourself to reach them. Without these challenges, your blog can become stagnant and you can quickly lose any interest in growing your blog and business. Goal planning for bloggers is really important. And as the end of the year is fast […]

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