I am continuing my small 3-day Pinterest tips series in November and I would like to help you get your Pinterest account ready for 2019. I will discuss all the changes that happened this year and what you can do to prepare your account and adjust your pinning strategy.

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There is no doubt that over the past couple of years Pinterest has gone through a lot of changes. The latest updates this summer and fall have really changed the way bloggers approach Pinterest and set up their strategy.

When changes and updates happen, this usually affects your blog in a big way. And you probably noticed major changes in your analytics: a traffic slump or, if you are lucky, a traffic spike.

Let’s first talk about some of the major changes that happened this year and how they should affect your approach to Pinterest.

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Pinterest changes and updates in 2018

#1 Group boards are losing their distribution power

Yes, this is one of the major changes this year. All Pinterest courses and ebooks talk about the importance of having as many group boards as possible. However, this year Pinterest decided to reduce the power of these group boards and put more emphases on small boards on Pinterest.

This does not mean you have to abandon all your group boards. But try to join specific group boards that only have pins for one category, for instance, Freelance Writing. 

You should avoid general group boards that contain all categories and thousands of contributors and pins.

#2 Your own boards are now much more important

I am sure you have noticed this in your Pinterest analytics. Boards, where your most repinned pins come from, are usually your own boards.

Once I realized that I started to pay much more attention to my own boards.

I created new ones, optimized them and I also clean them up regularly by deleting old 3rd party pins with 0 engagement.

#3 Preferred Pin dimensions are now 2:3 (600×900)

Forget about those long giraffe pins and make your pins smaller in 2019. Pinterest no longer wants to see those long pins in their feed.

So the preferred dimensions are 600×900 or even 600×600 if you want to have a square pin.

You do not need to update your old long pins, but make sure that new ones you create are not longer than 1250.

#4 Fresh pins are extremely important

Pinterest favors fresh pins, there is no doubt. So it is very important to be consistent and publish fresh pins weekly, if not daily. Whenever you write a new post, make sure to create at least 2 pins. But you can also create new pins for older posts and promote them again.

Either way, Pinterest does not want to see too many identical pins on your boards as this looks like spam.

#5 Reaction from your followers is important

Followers were not really too relevant in the past. And people with very few followers still managed to get viral pins and great traffic from Pinterest.

However, this changed in 2018. Followers are now much more important, as your new pins are first displayed to them. And if they like them and pin them, then Pinterest promotes your pins to other users as well.

You can now also see what others are pinning, by clicking on the Following tab in your profile.

#6 The introduction of carousel pins

A carousel is a Pin with multiple images. Carousels are a great way to showcase different features of a product, advertise multiple products at once, or tell your brand story in chapters.

Users see the carousel in their home feed just like any other Pin. They can swipe through the different images – we call these cards – directly from the feed.

You can find more information on how to create this type of pins here.

I have still not used it so I have no experience with how well it performs compared to regular pins.

My Pinterest To-Do List for 2019

So how to get your Pinterest account ready for 2019? Bellow, I will share my to-do list for the remaining days of this year.

I have already managed to complete some tasks, but there is always a lot more to do. I have to juggle my full-time job, kids, blogging, and Pinterest.

#1 Check the stats for my group boards.

I plan to check the stats for all my group boards and especially pay attention to large, general boards that have different categories of pins.

If they are performing poorly, I plan to delete them. After all, they are just reducing the quality of my account and giving me only a couple of monthly repins.

#2 Check my own boards

Get your Pinterest ready for 2019

In my previous post, I talked about how to create the best Pinterest boards.

I plan to take a look at my boards and see if I need to create more in order to compensate for the deleted group boards.

If I have any boards that I am barely using, I plan to delete them.

After that, I plan to check Tailwind stats for my own boards and see why some boards may be performing poorly. I will try to optimize their description and even delete pins with 0 engagement that have no repins from this summer.

I also have a couple of new boards without description and without covers. This is something I need to fix asap.

#3 Resize my long pins

I plan to resize and update old, long pins and re-upload them to Pinterest. When you refresh the description and look, they will be considered as new, fresh pins which is great.

This is really easy to do in Canva, but you do need a paid subscription. I also plan to add new pins for posts where I only have 1-2 pins in total.

#4 Try to gain more followers

Pinterest says that they monitor the reaction of your followers to your pins. If they engage well with them, then they will also show those pins in other people feeds. So it is really important to have a good number of followers.

To attract Pinterest followers on my blog, I link my Pinterest profile in all posts where I talk about Pinterest and invite readers to follow me. I am considering adding the Pinterest widget in the sidebar, and I have recently started using Milotree on my blog.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Pinterest is going to continue to change in the New Year as well and we all have to do our best just to keep up.

There are a lot of things you can learn from paid ebooks and courses (I purchased 3 ebooks this year), but ultimately it is up to you to keep tweaking your account and testing different strategies.

As a new blogger, I realize how difficult it is to find useful information online, so I will make sure to continue writing about my Pinterest journey and share more things I learn along the way.

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