As a new blogger, you really need to constantly set your goals and challenge yourself to reach them. Without these challenges, your blog can become stagnant and you can quickly lose any interest in growing your blog and business.

Goal planning for bloggers is really important. And as the end of the year is fast approaching, it is time to open any planner or notebook you have lying around and start thinking about the next year.

What would you like to achieve and how do you plan to achieve those goals?

In this post, I will talk about some blog goals I have set in my notebook and hopefully, this will give you some inspiration on how to set your own goals.

Goal Planning for Bloggers

#1 Traffic Goals

All bloggers are chasing more traffic so there is no doubt that this is one of the most important goals to set. But it is important to set exact goals you want to achieve in order to be able to measure your success.

For example, you can indicate on a monthly basis how many visitors you would like to have or pageviews.

I will write down that I would like to reach 25,000 pageviews by mid-2019.

I will also make sure to include an Action Plan and I will plan in detail I how I want to achieve that goal.

Action Plan:

  • Growing my Pinterest account
  • Guest posting
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Implementing SEO and using keyword research

#2 Income Goals

Many bloggers like to set Income Goals. I will not be setting any income goals for next year, as this is not my primary business and I would not like to feel the pressure of earning money.

When you have that pressure, this can reflect on the quality of your writing and your reviews. I do not want to chase any figures next year, but I will certainly set some general financial blog goals.

If you decide to set an income goal for next year, make sure to think about ways you want to achieve it. And try not to set unrealistic goals as that can demotivate you to continue blogging.

Create a detailed action plan that will include all possible venues you want to take. Will you increase affiliate marketing links on your blog, start using ads, or offer your own product?

Action Plan (example):

  • Earn 100$ in January by increasing affiliate links
  • Reach 300$ in February by using ads on the blog
  • Earn 500$ in March by creating a digital product

#3 Content Goals

Content is the most important part of your blog. So you need to sit down and think about the direction of your blog.

Do you want to keep all the categories of posts on your blog?

Would you like to change the direction of your posts and change the focus of your content? Who is your audience and how can you help them? Has that changed?

For me personally, the direction of my blog changed a lot from March, when I published my first posts.

I never expected to write so much about productivity, time management, social media. But these are all topics I really enjoy writing about and I have an audience that is interested in that.

So I will sit down and think about what post categories I want to remove or add to my blog. I will also create a blog post list for 2019.

Action Plan:

  • Write down the topics you want to write about
  • Analyze your most popular content and see what similar posts you can write in 2019
  • Create a blog post list for next year

#4 Subscriber List Goals

I am sure you have been growing your subscriber list this year but it is now time to think about how to be even more successful next year.

Check out your analytics and see what subscription forms worked the best for you. And if there is a freebie or upgrade that performed particularly well.

If you have not managed to grow your subscription list this year, it is now time to come up with a plan.

Action Plan

  • Create a list of freebies or content upgrades you want to offer
  • Set a subscriber number goal

#5 Your own product goals

It is also time now to think about your own products. As you are creating a progress roadmap for your blog, it is time now to decide if you want to include your own products next year.

If you plan to write an ebook, create templates, offer any type of services (writing, social media assistance…), it is now time to schedule it.

Unless you add it to your schedule now, there is a big chance you will simply forget about your plan as time goes.

I have not created any products this year, as I was focused on content creation. But I would possibly like to come up with some ideas for next year, so this will be a part of my plan.

Action plan

  • Brainstorm ideas for your products or services
  • Create a schedule, specify when you would like to start working on them and when you want to finish them

#6 Social media goals

Social Media marketing plays a huge role in promoting your business and your website. And it is one of the most important parts of your blogging strategy.

Now it is time to assess what platforms brought you the most traffic and what platforms failed to help you gain new visitors.

This year I focused exclusively on Pinterest, but for next year I plan to add Twitter to my rotation.

Action Plan:

  • Adjusting my pinning strategy for next year
  • Scheduling when to start adding Twitter into a rotation

Updating old posts

This is a new blog and I have a lot of old and short blog posts that are not SEO optimized and should be updated.

So I plan to make a list of posts that should be updated and then create a schedule. I would like to update 2 posts per week from the beginning of 2019 and hopefully significantly improve the content of my blog.

It is really important to always improve your content. Sometimes when you update an old post, it can bring you new visitors.

Action Plan:

  • Make a list of posts that should be updated
  • Create a schedule
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Final Thoughts

Goal planning for bloggers is really not difficult but it is essential if you want to grow your blog.

I listed some of the things I will be thinking about in the upcoming weeks. And I want to come up with a clear blogging strategy for next year so that I can continue to grow this blog.

If you just blog aimlessly, without any goals and focus, you will achieve nothing. So goal setting is really important to bring your focus back to the important things and create a structure that you can follow next year.

This is also a good way you can monitor your progress and see if what you are doing is working.

What are your plans for next year? Do you plan to set similar blogging goals?

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