I would like to start this year on a positive note and talk about one small achievement I made last year. I finally reached 1000 Pinterest followers in December, well 1100 to be exact. Now, I did not do this in one month or two months, it actually took me 6 months to do it. I created my account back in March before I launched my blog.

But I only seriously started using Pinterest in May, after reading Pinteresting Strategies ebook I recommend to all new bloggers.

I created a completely new account, meaning I had 0 followers. And I had never used Pinterest seriously before. Everything was completely new to me and I had to learn a lot.

From the start, I refused to do “follow for follow” strategy many bloggers do. You follow as many people as possible, hoping that they will follow you back. If they don’t, then you unfollow them. I decided from the start to only follow someone if I find that they pin content I am interested in. So my growth was slower but still, I think that this way you gain true followers who are interested in the content you pin.

With the new Pinterest algorithm this year, your pins are first showed to your own followers. And based on their reaction Pinterest decides if your pin is interesting enough to be shown to others as well.


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How I gained over 1000 Pinterest followers

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In this post, I want to share some tips that helped me gain my first followers. If done right, I am sure that you can reach this number of followers much faster. But as this is just a side project for me, I did not invest a lot of time in Pinterest and in my blog. So this growth is amazing.

On average, I believe I spend 1 hours per week on Pinterest.

Optimize your profile and your boards

Your new followers can often find you when they search for topics they are interested in. If your board description and board name contain the right keywords then people will be able to find you and your boards.

Often they decide to follow your whole profile and not just that one board. So this is one of the major ways I gain new subscribers. I have several very popular boards that get a lot of repins and clicks, and whenever one of my pins starts trending I get a lot of new followers.

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Pin consistently

This is one of the most important tips that you cannot really skip if you want to gain a lot of new subscribers. You need to pin consistently, every single day. It does not matter if you are ill, if it is a weekend, holidays. You just have to make sure you pin and create new pins consistently throughout the year.

If you pin a lot of pins one week, and then next you are gone, you will never really gain momentum on Pinterest.

I cannot commit to pinning every single day so I use Tailwind to help me do this even when I am ill or on holiday.

Pin for your target audience

Your Pinterest page is part of your overall brand, so you should pin content that your target audience wants to see.

If you want to pin something personally for yourself, then create another account and pin there or make sure to use a secret board for that.

Every single pin should be valuable, should have the correct URL (make sure you click to check if it leads to the correct page) and should be something your readers would want to read.

Make sure to create popular boards that increase the visibility of your profile

If your blogging niche is not too popular on Pinterest, then include one or two boards that are not necessarily too closely related to the topic of your blog. I know this contradicts my previous advice but 1 or 2 boards on your profile should contain highly searched content on Pinterest.

So even if you personally do not create pins with recipes, feel free to include this board and try to draw new subscribers. I find this works great with boards with recipes, DIY tips, quotes as these are some of the most searched categories on Pinterest.

This will boost your profile and visibility on Pinterest and will help you gain new subscribers.

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Add a “Best Of” Board

Have a board dedicated to your blog as your very first board, and fill it with the best pins you have. This helps show visitors right away what you’re all about and they can quickly check out your best posts.

Do not stress if this board contains only a couple of pins at first, you will slowly fill it up.

Create board covers for your own boards

Get your Pinterest ready for 2019

There is no doubt that profiles with board covers look more professional and more pulled together. So while this may seem daunting and tedious work, actually I noticed an increased number of followers per week when I created covers for my boards.

I believe that the time you will spend doing this is not wasted and will result in even more followers on your account. Also, check out popular pinners and take a look at their board covers. They often use their brand colors and this even further promotes their branding and their business.

Try using MiloTree

If you receive a decent amount of blog traffic, you can also test out MiloTree. MiloTree is a small, yet easy-to-see pop-up that will rotate between any two of your social profiles: Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. It isn’t obtrusive at all and I really like that you can set up how many times it should appear to the same visitors and many other little adjustments so that your blog remains user-friendly.

MiloTree to grow Pinterest followers

It doesn’t take over the screen, you can easily close it, and it sits at the bottom right hand. Even on mobile, it’s very discreet. I am currently using it on my account and this little pop-up appears only to first-time visitors of my blog. If they close it once, they will never see it again.

Around 10-20% of my weekly number of followers come from Milotree so it is a very handy little pop-up you can use. The great thing is that you can test it out for free for 30 days and see if you get any results from it. If you don’t, then you probably need more blog traffic for it to start working and you can hold off with this purchase.

Join new Group boards

With new Pinterest changes, group boards have lost their power. But on my Pinterest account, group boards that only allow pins with a certain theme (for instance, Pinterest tips) still bring a lot of visitors to my blog.

So avoid general group boards, but try to join specific group boards dealing with the theme that you write about. These boards can really help you gain new subscribers and gain traction on Pinterest.

Start using Tailwind

The ultimate guide to Pinterest Marketing for bloggers

I know this is a paid tool and we all try to save as much as possible. But you need help in order to be consistent on Pinterest.

Also if you live in a different time zone than your readers, you will not be able to pin when your readers are active on Pinterest. Tailwind will help you pin multiple times a day, every single day of the year.

I still pin manually as well, especially when I publish new blog posts, but I also make sure to keep my Tailwind queue full. Tailwind also helps me loop certain pins with their new looping feature.

Final Thoughts

Out of all the tips I mentioned above, the most important ones are to optimize your profile and board names and descriptions and to pin consistently.

And I also cannot stress enough the importance of high-quality pins. If you do not click the pins and you just pin them because they look good or have a lot of repins, you might end up adding spam or broken links to your boards.

You also want to check the quality of the post you are pinning. I prefer longer posts that really give me some new information and value.

So if the post grabs my attention and I feel I learned something new, I pin it to my boards for all my followers to see.

Unlike on other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, the number of your followers is not really that important on Pinterest. What matters is that your followers are truly engaged with your content and pins you create. With the new Pinterest updates in 2018, the reaction of your followers is one of the first quality signs that Pinterest takes into account regarding your pin.

I hope you find these tips helpful and that they will help you increase your reach on Pinterest. Feel free to share your best ways of gaining new followers on Pinterest in the comments below.

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