I talk a lot about my newly acquired habit of getting up early on this blog. This simple habit helped me start this blog and achieve one of my biggest goals last year. So in this post, I want to share my best tips on how to become a morning person.

I struggled with getting up early all my life. But I have always known that the morning is my most productive part of the day. I can work fast, my mind is clear and rested and there are no distractions.

But getting up early is not everyone’s cup of tea. Over the years, I have found that it is really important to be adjustable. You do not have to get up at 5 am if you can have an hour or two to yourself when you get up at 7. Just find the time that suits your lifestyle.

I have kids, so I need to get up before them and I try to do that by getting up at 6 am. I really like to have one hour to myself before kids wake up at 7. Maybe one day I will manage to get up at 5, but for now, 6 is enough for me.

But how can you start getting up early and how can you maintain this habit over a long period of time?

How to become a morning person

#1 Reschedule your bed time

The first thing you have to do is reschedule your sleeping time and go to bed early. There is no use in getting up early if you are tired and you have not had enough sleep.

You have to accept that if you want to get up early, you also have to go to bed early and there is no way around it. I need around 7 hours of sleep, so that means I have to be in bed by 10.

#2 Set your alarm but move your phone far away

This will make you get up when your alarm begins to ring and you are much more likely to actually wake up and get up.

I also like to keep my curtains open so that the morning light can also wake me (when it is not winter).

#3 Do something enjoyable when you wake up

How to wake up early

If you just wake up and start working right away, this will not give you the motivation to go on and do that every single day.

Just pick a ritual that you like, perhaps that is your morning coffee, a smoothie, reading a book or a short meditation. Whatever gives you satisfaction.

If you have something to look forward to in the morning, it is more likely you will keep getting up early every single day.

#4 Stop working in the evening

If you justify staying up late because you have to work, well you can do all that work in the morning and have a nice and relaxing evening with your friends and family.

Trust me, the quality of your work will be much better once you let yourself rest, and start working when your mind is the freshest.

I always justified staying up late with work, but actually, I was procrastinating by chatting, watching Youtube or scrolling through social media.

However, once I switched my work time to morning, I became much more productive and I really just use that time for work. After all, I would never get up early to watch Youtube, so this really helped me reduce my time-wasting habits.

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#5 Note the benefits of waking up early

To stay motivated and keep getting up early, you really need to be aware of all the benefits this habit gives you. Pay attention to the peaceful environment you wake up in, take a look through the window and see how the sun is rising or how your neighborhood looks peaceful.

Just take a moment to enjoy all that peace, calm and beauty as you sip your morning coffee.

Then notice how you work much faster, how you come up with ideas without any effort. You really need to notice the difference between your “night” thought process and “morning” thought process.

If you realize and see all the benefits of waking up early, you will keep practicing this habit for years to come.

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#6 Start slowly

If you are used to getting up at noon, it is not very likely you can suddenly start waking up at 5 am! Just start moving your waking time hour by hour until you reach the time you would be satisfied with.

Your body needs time to adjust so I find that this slow approach works the best.

I am used to getting up at 7, so for me getting up at 6 is not really a big change. But surprisingly, it makes a huge change in my productivity!

#7 Don’t just think about it, do it!

I have a lot of friends that keep telling me that they would like to get up early but in the end, they never do it.

Do not be one of them. People who just keep planning and thinking without actually putting anything to practice will never achieve anything.

Be a doer and not just a planner!

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#8 Use your journal and plan your morning time

If you get up aimlessly then you will not actually do anything and you will soon drop this habit and go back to your old routine.

You need to use a planner or an ordinary notebook and plan your morning. What would you like to do and achieve? For me, that is doing some exercises, and writing blog posts. What are your morning goals?

Once you have that plan on paper, when you get up you have a clear plan and focus that will help you be as productive as possible.

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Final Thoughts

For this final part, I saved my most important tip: Do not aim for perfection. Life gets in the way and you may not wake up early every single day. Hey, I am in bed right now, typing this post while battling flu and high fever and there is no way I am getting up early in the morning!

Just do your best and that is enough. Do not feel discouraged if you have a period when you just can’t wake up early and you cannot find that motivation in you.

For me, that happens most often in winter. But as soon as you feel better, just go on and start doing it again.

As I got older, I learned to accept that life would never be perfect. And if we put too much pressure in trying to be perfect, we then fail miserably.

I am more forgiving of my flaws now and that helps me achieve much more than before.

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